A.B.A.T.E. District 14

Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Do you have a photo you want to share, maybe of you and your bike? or of a ride you were on?

Email those to me at grammyrosa74@yahoo.com.

Web Sites

ABATE of Arkansas                  www.arkansasabate.org

Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF)         www.mrf.org

The Hot Springs Rally              www.thehotspringsrally.com



​FOR SALE! District 1 has 5 of these 250cc cruisers for sales!

Low mileage on all.

Contact Paul Matthews for more information: 501-888-7801


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Items For Sale

Do you spot the motorcycle in the photo? Remember, motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and harder to see, so LOOK TWICE!! 

Also, vehicles especially big trucks have blind spots so stay away and give them plenty of room!

The majority of motorcycle accidents in Arkansas the last few years are rider errors. Don't ride beyond your means! Slow Down! Ride Safe and Ride Again!!!!

Do you have something you want to sale?

Are you looking for something?

You can email me, Rosa at grammyrosa74@yahoo.comand I will list it on here for free!!!! What a deal!!!!